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Important News

Important News

WELCOME ! WELCOME ! WELCOME ! We are back as school reopened on 8th September 2015. We want to congratulate all our students who successfully passed their G.C.E. AS & A Level and I.G.S.S.E. O' Level Exams. We are proud of you all. As a school, we shall continue to provide quality educatio...

Important Good News at last!

Important Good News at last!

GOOD NEWS AT LAST Have You not heard? The Lebanese International school, Freetown is now open. We re-opened on Tuesday 14th April, 2015 for Forms 1,2,3 and 4. Mock Examination for the IGCSE  O ‘Level and the  GCE  ‘AS’  &  ‘A’ Level are on now from Monday 13th April  - ...

Happy Mothers' Day

Happy Mothers' Day

A symbolic and historic occasion in our school is the internationally recognized Mother’s  Day, which is coined Mother, Teacher and Children’s Day. Authorities thought it fit that mothers alone do not build up the child; teachers do contribute. A variety of Arabic songs and dances were put ...

Graduation and Prize Giving Ceremony

Graduation and Prize Giving Ceremony

Academic excellence is an utmost priority of Lebanese International School.  As a result of the kinds of examination we train our students for, it may interest concerned persons that our school doesn’t only compete with some schools in Sierra Leone but with those abroad.  Our students had d...

LIS Premises

LIS Premises

LIS located at the Riverside Drive, Brookfields in Freetown - Sierra Leone. The best location for a school!



A brilliant, unique and cool social evening which is annually organized by the school for parents, students and teachers is kermess. This year’s kermess was held on the 12th of April  2014 at the Y.S.C. The occasion was coloured with interesting, impressive and interactive activities like raffl...



Edexcel IGCSE (O Level) Physics May /June 2015 Examination Specification... Read More


Booklists 2014-2015 image
AS” LEVEL MATHEMATICS: Core Mathematics .....

Read More



Sixth Form Section

Sixth Form SectionThe normal requirement for entry into a sixth Form ‘A’ Level course is that the aspiring student should have at least five ‘O’ Level passes. It is also usual that a grade of at least C should have been obtained in the three subjects to be offered at ‘A’ Level.

And in other news

The Lebanese Independence Day
is one of the nationally observed days at L.I.S. this event took place on....
Read More

Christmas Competition
The chairman of academic committee Mr Faisal Basma aims ...
Read More

LIS News

Send your funny jokes to info@ with your full name. The funniest JOKE will be displayed on the school's website with your name!!!

Did you Know?

Did you know : 11% of people are left handed

Did you know : unless food is mixed with saliva you can't taste it

Did you know : the average person falls asleep in 7 minutes

Did you know : a bear has 42 teeth

Did you know : an ostrich's eye is bigger than it's brain

Entertainment News

Review: 'FernGully: The Last Rainforest' Family favorite features strong environmental message.,
See more about 'FernGully: The Last Rainforest' at Common Sense Media

Local Weather

Forecast New York

Today’s Joke

Q: Why did the student throw his watch out of the school window?
A: He wanted to see time fly.

Students Area


 1. Reach School on time
2. Whilst studying, do not bring your book more than one feet closer to your eyes.
3. Avoid reading whiles lying down.
4. Do not build up the habit of putting pen, pencil or money into your mouth.
5. Do not read whilst walking. 


Parents Area

Parenting Skills

 An Overview Back when our parents were born, parenting skills were learned from the extended family. If parents, grand parents, aunts and uncles didn’t live in the same house, they lived in the vicinity or within a few miles. They were always available to impart their considerable knowledge to the younger generation on various subjects - choosing the right partner, pregnancy, child birth and raising children. Now we have become such a transient society, it is rare that the extended family is even in the same state / status.


Teachers Area


A student once wrote in a personal narrative on the topic: My earliest recollections of Life at home” the following:-

‘Mother left when my father divorced Her ……….
My mother’s mate hated me So much and mistreated me…………..
Sometimes I had nothing to eat but went to neighbours or my elder Father’s place to eat……………


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LIS Alumni


Throwing the light on how LIS was founded and then tributes to the founding fathers and boards of governors... Read More


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10 Hottest Careers for College Graduates

imageExperts predict where the jobs will be in 2016. Read More

Students’ Art Work

More Artwork


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